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Do you already know our unique monster pillows?

Sheep wool pillows

Handcrafted seat cushions

Handcrafted seat cushions


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About our Sheep wool pillows

Let's have a pillow fight! Just as with our monster cushions, the following applies to our decorative cushions: what is there is used! This is how high-quality textile remnants are combined into artistic pillow creations. There are always exciting combinations of materials: leather is combined with wool, cashmere with felt and knitwear with mohair. We manufacture cushions for customers exactly according to their wishes. As a special individual piece, coordinated with another home accessory or to match one of our blankets. Our customers also have the opportunity to incorporate their own textiles into the production. Above all, the upcycling cushions should be one thing: Long-term companions with sentimental value that give every room the right atmosphere.