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Do you already know our unique monster pillows?

About us

LPJ Studios stands for the future and for the cycle of things. Because sustainability is not a trend, but a philosophy that you carry and live within yourself.

Meet the team

Die LPJ Gründerin Hedwig Bouley


Hedwig Bouley

Head of Design. Heart of LPJ. big boss Passion. Wonder. Inspiration. Energy. Laugh. Life. Love. Seek. Find. be yourself

Die LPJ Mitarbeiterin Lisa Koll

L by LPJ

Lisa Koll

L by LPJ. Small. Big heart. Open. Generously. Ambitious. Creative. Passionate.

Die LPJ Mitarbeiter Paul Koll

P from LPJ

Paul Koll

P from LPJ. numbers freak. Hard-working. Conscientious. Open. foresight. Future-oriented. workhorse.

Die LPJ Mitarbeiter Joseph Koll

J from LPJ

Joseph Koll

J from LPJ. Berlin. Aschau. humorous. Open. team work Joy. Laugh. geek free spirit

Die LPJ Mitarbeiterin AnnBritt Rackel

Office Soul

Annbritt Rackl

soul of the office. Seamstress. Sale. Team spirit. Fun. resident. Determined. caring. adorable.

Die LPJ Mitarbeiterin Susanna Warnecke


Susanna Warnecke

Calmly. Sensitive. thinking along. Patiently. Soul. Aschau. dog addict. careful. Sensitive.

Die LPJ Mitarbeiterin Julia Panzer


Julia Panzer

Carefully. Ambitious. Communicative. Conscientious. connected to home. Nerd. Determined. Berlin.

Die LPJ Mitarbeiterin Ismene Amidey

Digital Marketing

Ismène Amidey

Digital Marketing. Photographer. Friendly. French. Determined. caring.

Our office and showroom

Aschau im Chiemgau

Am Sonnenbichl 2
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m
+49 (0) 8052 957843