Woven carpets

Always stay beautiful on the carpet: At least on this one, because our woven carpets combine old craftsmanship with modern design. For this purpose, high-quality fabric scraps such as wonderfully soft wool are composed by our designers with a great deal of sensitivity for color and materiality. And linked to unique pieces on wooden looms, some of which are 200 years old in the region. From wool to shiny effect fabrics, the connecting element is a black warp thread that we use in our flicker carpet. In all dimensions. Robust, reversible and tailored to your new home as you wish.

We put a lot of effort into these products and are proud of the MADE IN GERMANY stamp. Everything is right here and UPCYCLING in the interior can be so beautiful. Our carpets are perfect in the living room, as rugs in the bathroom and kitchen, because they are easy to care for and clean.