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Do you already know our unique monster pillows?

The idea

LPJ Studios combines aesthetics and sustainability through upcycling and regional handcraft. Our unique products, whether carpets, cushions or blankets, are lovingly made from high-quality upcycling materials.


With great sensitivity, selected fabrics and yarns are woven with old craftsmanship into large-format carpets that reinterpret the tried and tested "patchwork rug".

beige Decke aus Kaschmir


Exceptional plaids made from recycled cashmere, felted transitions and hand-knit yarns ensure lasting entanglements.


Combined with handmade cushion creations, monstrous seating.


Or a tapestry that turns your favorite sweater into an unforgettable work of art.


The ideas in our product portfolio never end. Like the ring that adorns each LPJ unique piece, as a symbol of endless reuse.


A cooperation that combines art with upcycling.