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Do you already know our unique monster pillows?

P' Rug Grey

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fair and social



Produced in Italy

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fair and social

The LPJ products are produced in a small European family business. The employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

Resource-saving production

All of our products are designed with the thought of using the available resources in a responsible, ecological way.

CO² certified

Our CO² footprint is approx. 38t CO²-equiv. pollutants per year. The emissions for 2022 were offset by purchasing 15 certificates.

About our KANHAI art objects

These artful creations are the result of a collaboration with the architect Kanhai Ghandi, who we met at a trade fair in Paris in 2018. Kanhai is an architect for KNS Architects and works successfully on international construction projects. Besides his work, he pursues photography and digital collages.

The tapestries are a visual translation of his digital designs. New design always starts as a handcrafted or digital sketch. Each of these textile art objects has its own individual history of origin.

Shapes, patterns and colors are meticulously arranged for these tapestries and punched with high-quality wool. Punching is a special technique in which wool materials are worked together using small needles. All our tapestries are made in Italy, where they are made on a special punch machine.

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