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LPJ Yoga Plaid
LPJ Yoga Plaid
LPJ Yoga Plaid
LPJ Studios

LPJ Yoga Plaid

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The YOGA PLAID unfolds relaxed holiday feelings - even at home. A blanket of heavy, soft cashmere quality that never tires of warming and creating a pleasant atmosphere, whether on the spring veranda of morning yoga or during a cozy sofa evening. What gives it a complete setting is a knitted ribbon made by a traditional manufacturer in Germany. A colorful finish is crocheted to each blanket by hand and visibly labeled with color.


The cashmere blanket consists to a large extent of fabrics that were already present. This means that the ceiling is an upcycling product and it uses almost no new resources for production, but the existing fabrics are transformed into a new, higher quality upcycling product.

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products have been designed with the idea of using existing resources in a responsible, ecological way.

Home-based production

Products with this marking are designed entirely in Germany. The materials come from Germany, Austria or Italy and the production also takes place in Germany, sometimes even directly in the village.


We stand for reuse. Throwing away is out of the question. Therefore, products purchased from us can be returned for repair. A seam has burst? A tab no longer sits as it should? Did pilling nodules emerge?

100 % Cashmere Upcycling

100 % Upcycling

no hand wash

not bleach

do not dry in tumble dryer

gentle dry cleaning