LPJ Monster Plaid
LPJ Monster Plaid
LPJ Monster Plaid
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LPJ Monster Plaid

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Our Monster Plaid is a very special quilt. While a synthetic filling can be found in most other quilts, only natural material is used for our plaid, namely 100 pure wool!!

The highest quality coat fabrics made of wool and cashmere are patched on the front and back.

The design is also unique. There is a lot of loving handwork in here. Together with a German stepper, we designed a special quilting pattern that immortalized our three monsters Lisa, Paul and Joseph on the blanket.

The Monster Plaid gives every room a certain luxury and works wonderfully as a bedspread, for example!

Material: wool

Filling: washing wool

Standard colors: gray / anthracite Other colors on request

Delivery time: approx 1 week

If you are in low spirits, you should get the Monster Plaid to accompany you. Not only are there long hours of lovingly work put in this plaid, but it is also full of lovable monsters. With whom you can spend the day playing, laying down, sitting feel free to spend the whole day sleeping under the plaid. Our monsters Lisa, Paul and Joseph keep our plaid in shape. They are also available as pillows and wooden set. So theres monster fun without limits.s.

material: wool

filling: washable wool

Your LPJ Monster Plaid is unique.
It consists exclusively of high-quality residues from the clothing industry.
Since the fabrics are of two different qualities and the blanket is also lined with a wool fleece, we recommend gentle dry cleaning.