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Do you already know our unique monster pillows?

LPJ x Henrike Panke Object Art Encounters

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fair and social


Produced in Italy


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fair and social

The LPJ products are produced in a small European family business. The employees receive a fair wage for their good work.


All of our products are designed with the thought of using the available resources in a responsible, ecological way.


Our CO² footprint is approx. 38t CO²-equiv. pollutants per year. The emissions for 2022 were offset by purchasing 15 certificates.

About our art objects with Henrike Panke

The artist Henrike Panke, who lives on Lake Constance, successfully experiments with different materials, colours, shapes and papers in her works. The prints can be seen in various galleries and exhibitions. Her works thrive on the reduction in connection with graphically designed forms.

Together with artists like Henrike Panke, tapestries are created again and again in the Chiemgau.
Each carpet is cut and assembled by hand from leftover fabric.
The individual elements must be perfectly matched in order to be fused in the following step with a special felting technique in Italy.
Depending on the design, the works receive the finishing touches by hand in the Chiemgau studio. Yarn, spray, stitch and needle turn the carpets into beautiful and unique wall objects.

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