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LPJ rugs braun coper
LPJ rugs braun coper
LPJ rugs braun coper
LPJ rugs braun coper
LPJ rugs braun coper
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LPJ rugs braun coper

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Always stay beautiful on the carpet: At least on this one, because our woven carpet interweaves old craftsmanship with modern design. For this, high-quality scraps of fabric are composed by our designers with a great deal of sensitivity for color and texture and linked to unique pieces on wooden looms, some of which are 200 years old in the region. From wool to shiny effect fabrics, the connecting element is a black warp thread that provides depth. In all dimensions. Robust, reversible and tailored to your new home as you wish.

Since our woven carpets are unique pieces, they are manufactured entirely according to your size and color requirements. So please contact us via the shop or when visiting our studio in Aschau im Chiemgau to develop your individual LPJ rug!

Your LPJ Mountain Rug is a special upcycling product. Each carpet is unique from a large mix of different high-quality materials.

If the carpet is dirty, please bring it to a professional cleaning company.

 Pollutant-reduced production

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few harmful substances as possible were used in production. Our rug is not dyed, instead the great colour combinations are created by combining our upcycled fabrics.

 Production close to home

Products with this label are designed entirely in Germany. The materials come from Germany and Austria and production also takes place in Germany, in some cases even directly on site.


Your LPJ Rug is made 100% from fabrics that already existed. This means that the rug is an upcycled product and no new resources are used in its production, but the existing fabrics are transformed into a new, higher quality upcycled product.

Fair and social

LPJ Rugs are woven in a small German company that has been working with us for a long time. Just like LPJ STUDIOS, the weaving mill is a family business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.



100% Materialmix-Upcycling

 Do not wash

 do not bleach

  do not tumble dry

 do not iron

  professional cleaning