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LPJ Plaid blue
LPJ Plaid blue

LPJ Plaid blue

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In the grand scheme of things: This flap blanket is more than the sum of its parts. This plaid is the magnum opus of our blanket art. For it consists of more than 50 high-quality, hand-selected knitted samples from luxurious Italian yarn collections. For the presentation of their collections, the companies use only the finest knitted loops, which is why the materials here range from cashmere to silk to alpaca wool. 

We are allowed to use these unique knitting loops for our plaids. They are cut in minute detail and put together in terms of colour and fabric with a great sense and feeling for aesthetics. The transitions are carefully felted with raw wool so that each blanket is not only unique but also durable. Recycling can hardly be more beautiful. It only takes eight hours to lay and sort the flaps of a single blanket!

We are also happy to produce your very own personal colour request, from yellow to pink, from green to blue or simply colourful.

Your LPJ flap blanket is something very special with its 80 different fabric samples. The high-quality material should be washed in the wool wash cycle with wool detergent if it is dirty. 

After washing, do not tumble dry, but pull the blanket into shape and spread it out on a clothes horse.

There is no second time for your blanket!

 100% Upcycling

         80 different fabric samples, Cashmere, wool, linen, cotton, polyester, nylon and alpaca


  Hand wash

  Do not bleach

  Do not tumble dry

   Iron with steam on low heat

   No dry cleaning

  Dry horizontally