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LPJ Pako Plaid
LPJ Pako Plaid
LPJ Pako Plaid
LPJ Pako Plaid

LPJ Pako Plaid

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Blanket with wanderlust factor: The fluffy PAKO PLAID is not only a patterned eye-catcher, it also combines alpine flair with oriental accents. Because here, high-quality baby alpaca wool, baby camel wool and recycled merino wool combine to create a super-soft ménage-à-trois. Knitted on a 5-gauge machine in Italy. Who doesn't get travel ideas. Thanks to its coffered knit, it's equally pretty to look at from both sides and weighs in not only in quality but also in volume. After all, the wide world is here under a nice warm blanket.

  Production with reduced pollutants

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few harmful substances as possible are released during production.

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products have been designed with the idea of using available resources in a responsible, ecological way. In this way, no material is wasted.

Fair and social

The cashmere blankets are produced in a small European factory. Just like LPJ STUDIOS, the sewing factory is a family business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

   40% baby alpaca wool

   23% baby camel wool

   15% merino wool (RWS)

   22% polyamide (GRS)

  Hand wash

  do not bleach

  do not tumble dry

  do not dry clean

  iron on low heat

  dry horizontally