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Drei kleine Holzmonster zu spielen für Kinder
Drei kleine Holzmonster zu spielen für Kinder
Drei kleine Holzmonster zu spielen für Kinder

LPJ Woodmonster

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Monsterly beautiful and funny: our three monsters Lisa, Paul and Joseph. They are made of ash wood in a workshop for the disabled in Germany and are the perfect friends to play with. And when the three of them get together, it gets really cozy. Because when put together, they form a cool, uniform surface. The miniature set was developed with the friendly carpentry ROTMILAN, which is located in the neighboring town of Frasdorf.


Lisa : height 6.5 cm x length 8.5 cm

Paul : height 8 cm x length 8,5 cm 

Joseph : height 6,5 cm x length 9,5 cm

The wood of our monsters comes directly from the own forest of the carpentry ROTMILAN.

Production close to home

Products with this label are designed entirely in Germany. The materials come from Germany, Austria or Italy and production also takes place in Germany, in some cases even directly on site. 

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. Therefore, all our products are designed with the idea of using the available resources in a responsible, ecological way. In this way, no material is wasted. Our wooden monsters come directly from an adjacent forest and only a small number is ever produced so that the ecosystem can recover.

  100% wood from local forests