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LPJ Handcrafted Plaid
LPJ Handcrafted Plaid
LPJ Handcrafted Plaid
LPJ Handcrafted Plaid
LPJ Handcrafted Plaid

LPJ Handcrafted Plaid

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Attention black and white painters: With the Handcrafted Plaid, the high-contrast game definitely gets a new dimension. The voluminous blanket is hand-knitted from high-quality fibers in our studio in Aschau with an eye-catching stitch and varied pattern and shows itself not only pleasantly heavy and comfortably warm, but also with long airy fringes. A light-footed detail that brings momentum to the blanket. This makes wrapping up even more fun. A cheer for high craftsmanship. 

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products are designed with the idea of using available resources in a responsible, ecological way. This way, no material is wasted.

Fair and social

Alpen Plaids are produced in a small European factory. Just like LPJ STUDIOS, the sewing factory is a family business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

Pollutant reduced production

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few harmful substances as possible are released during production. The wool for our knitted blanket was not dyed, but left natural.


We stand for reuse. Throwing away is out of the question. That's why products purchased from us can be returned for repair. A seam has burst? A flap no longer fits the way it should? Pilling nodules have appeared? We will take care of it, just call us and make an appointment.