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Cashmere Rug

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€649per m2

When producing cashmere blankets, there is always a so-called waste left over at the edges. This creates strips of fabric. Anyone who decides to buy a blanket doesn't realize what gets lost along the way. These strips are not usable for the producers, but for us they are a high-quality material.

Instead of being incinerated, these leftover materials now travel from Italy to Aschau into our hands.

When they arrive at the LPJ Studio, the stripes are sorted by color and the fringes between the individual pieces of fabric are removed with scissors. Everything is purely handcrafted. To ensure smooth further processing, the strips are sewn together into one long piece and finally wound into large balls. These “BIG BALLS” are now given to our weaver, who uses them to make wonderfully soft cashmere carpets.

Once woven, the carpet is a particularly high-quality and soft addition to any living space. We currently offer two colors, sand and gray. However, we would like to deepen production and have already collected more colors.

Since our cashmere woven carpets are upcycled individual pieces, they are made according to your size and color wishes. Please contact us using the contact form or by visiting our studio in Aschau im Chiemgau to design your individual LPJ cashmere rug!

Contact us for your individual LPJ Rug

We are happy to design your LPJ Rug during a visit to our LPJ Studio in Aschau im Chiemgau. Come over!

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