Air Plaid - LPJ STUDIOS – LPJ Studios
Hauchdünne graue seiden Decke an einem Ring aufgehängt
Hauchdünne graue seiden Decke über einem Lederstuhl
Hauchdünne Decke in der Nahaufnahme. Die feine Textur ist erkennbar sowie der rote Faden der die Decke einrahmt.
Hauchdünne Decke fliegt federleicht durch die Luft.

LPJ Air Plaid

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Love is in the AIR: When wool and silk merge, this can only feel incredibly good and heavenly light. Because here soft heat and airy coolness are under a blanket. According to space and time. The AIR PLAID is manufactured with a punch technique on a rare machine in Italy and overcolored with a special cold dye process. A blanket full of love. In all respects and view.

To keep your LPJ Air Plaid so beautiful and airy, you should keep a few things in mind when cleaning:

The blanket should be cleaned by hand if possible, in the washing machine please only as cold wash and without fabric softener! After washing, allow to air dry lying on a leash. Pull the blanket into shape and gently iron it with a steam iron over low heat to remove small wrinkles.


You silk blanket is made of 100% fabrics that were already present. This means that the blanket is an upcycling product and no new resources are used for production, but the existing yarns are transformed into a new, higher quality upcycling product.

Resource friendly production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products have been designed with the idea of using existing resources in a responsible, ecological way. So no fabric is wasted. For the production we only need fabrics or yarns that were already available.

60% silk, upcycling product from Italy

40% wool, upcycling filament yarn from Italy

hand wash

do not bleach

not suitable for tumble drying

 iron carefully

gentle cleaning

  dry horizontally