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LPJ Monster Plaid
LPJ Monster Plaid
Stepdecke mit Stepmuster der Monster
Stepdecke mit Stepmuster der Monster
Stepdecke mit Stepmuster der Monster

LPJ Monster Plaid

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Our Monster Plaid is a very special quilt. While in most other quilts a synthetic filling can be found, for our plaid only natural material is used, namely 100% purest wool!

The highest quality wool and cashmere coat fabrics are patched on the front and back.

Also unique is the design. There is a lot of loving handwork in this. Together with a German quilter, we designed a special quilting pattern that immortalizes our three monsters Lisa, Paul and Joseph on the blanket. The Monster Plaid gives every room that certain something and works wonderfully as a bedspread, for example!

Your Monster Plaid is unique. It consists exclusively of high quality remnants of the clothing industry. Since the fabrics are two different qualities and the blanket is also lined with a wool fleece, we recommend a gentle dry cleaning. 

Material: Wool

Filling: washed wool 

Colors standard: gray / anthracite (other colors on request)


Your quilt consists to a large extent of fabrics that were already available. This means that the quilt is an upcycling product and it uses almost no new resources for the production, but the already existing fabrics are transformed into a new, higher quality upcycled product.

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all of our products are designed with the idea of using existing resources in a responsible, ecological way. This way, no material is wasted.

Local Production

Products with this label are completely designed in Germany. The materials come from Germany, Austria or Italy and the production also takes place in Germany, sometimes even directly in the village. 


We stand for reuse. Throwing away is out of the question. That's why products purchased from us can be returned for repair. A seam has burst? A flap no longer fits the way it should? Pilling nodules have appeared? We'll take care of it, just call us to make an appointment.

100 % upcycled wool (RIGHT SIDE)

100 % upcycled polyester fleece (LEFT SIDE)

100 % wool fleece (FILLING)

 no hand wash

 do not bleach

 do not tumble dry

 do not iron

 gentle dry cleaning