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LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Studios

LPJ Porcelain - 3er set

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Set patterned signs: This fine porcelain parade is a natural gathering place for fine treasures of every kind. From salt, spices and oils to jewelry, hair clips and favorite collectibles. The small bowls are handmade by a ceramicist from the neighboring village. The beautiful print is created in a very special way: our recycled knitting patterns are burned into the porcelain and are found as a special texture on the porcelain surface. These bowls and plates are not only extravagant, but also robust, so you can clean them normally in the dishwasher.

A little touch of design for everyday life!

Diameter of the porcelain in a set of 3 (Ø 16cm, 12cm and 8cm)

Production close to home

Products with this label are completely designed and produced in Germany. The small home accessories are created directly in the neighboring village. Thus, we keep our CO2 footprint small for the good of the environment.

Pollutant-reduced production

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few pollutants as possible are released during production. High-quality and gently produced porcelain like this is already environmentally friendly and sustainable in the production process.

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products are designed with the idea of using available resources in a responsible, ecological way. In this way, no material is wasted.