LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
LPJ Porcelain - 3er set
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LPJ Porcelain - 3er set

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Setting exemplary signals: This fine onePorcelain parade is more naturalCollection point for fine treasures everyoneArt. From salt, spices and oils toon jewelry, hair clips and favorite heap of items.The small bowlsare made by a ceramist from theNeighboring place handmade and preserveda print before burning - oursKnitting pattern.

Diameter of the porcelain in a set of 3 Ø 16 cm, 12 cm and 8 cmm)


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Make a modeled statement: This fine porcelain parade is a natural gathering point for fine treasures of every description. From salt, spices or oil to jewelry, hair clips or any kind of mingle-mangle of your favorite things. The ceramist in the neighboring village makes the bowls by hand. Before furnacing, the bowls receive a print of our knitting pattern to take with them on their way out into the world.

Diameter set of three ØØ  16 cm, 12 cm, 8 cm)

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