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LPJ Mountain Rug beige
LPJ Mountain Rug beige
LPJ Mountain Rug beige
LPJ Mountain Rug beige

LPJ Mountain Rug beige

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The mountains at your feet or rather heaven on earth: You can twist and turn it as you want, this carpet is not only an eye-catcher for any floor, but also warming highlight for cold feet. In material and production, he shows himself closely connected to the alpine region. Because the German sheep's wool is processed in Austria to a thick unique chenille yarn that only we can produce. The yarn is then woven in the Allgäu region on hand looms, some of which are 200 years old. The carpet is spun so that it can be used on both sides. It is manufactured in the colors ecru, camel, brown and gray. Only the gray carpet is dyed 50% black, all other colors are natural. A wonderfully soft woven rug with corners and striking glittering edges. For a down-to-earth as well as glamorous appearance. 

Pollutant-reduced production

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few harmful substances as possible are released during production. Our Mountain Rug is almost exclusively natural. Only the gray color requires dyes during production. 

Production close to home

Products with this label are completely designed in Germany. The materials come from Germany and Austria and the production also takes place in Germany, sometimes even directly in the village.

Fair and Social

LPJ Mountain Rugs are woven in a small company in the Allgäu region, which has been working with us for a long time. Just like LPJ STUDIOS, the weaving mill is a family business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

 94 % virgin wool from Austria

 1 % polyethylene

 5 % polypropylene,

these are the durable warp threads of our woven carpet.

 do not wash

 do not iron

 do not tumble dry

 do not bleach

 professional cleaning