LPJ Monster Paul large velvet
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LPJ Monster Paul large velvet

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Two very special unique pieces are these two large pillows. The blue monster pillow is made of a viscose wool velvet and the fabric shines beautifully when light falls on it. You get the feeling that the pillow is glowing from within.

The Orange Monster Pillow is made of a high quality wool velvet. The use of wool improves the already quality properties of velvet. Thus, the pillow is ready for any adventure. 

You want a special home accessory that is not found in any other household? Then you've come to the right place!


Washing instructions for your LPJ Monster

Your LPJ Monster is a high quality upcycled product.

 Since the monsters are always made of different materials, and these must be cleaned differently, we recommend a professional cleaning.

 So you have very long pleasure in your small or large companion.

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