Monster Joseph large - cashmere - LPJ Studios
Graues Kissen in Form eines Monsters zum Anlehnen.
Graues Kissen in Form eines Monsters zum Anlehnen.
LPJ Monster Joseph large - Cashmere

LPJ Monster Joseph large - Cashmere

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If you have ever owned a cashmere sweater, you will know that this pillow is something very special! 

Fabrics from selected clothing companies find their way to the LPJ studio in many different ways, like this high-quality fabric made of 100% cashmere. A pillow monster, as soft and qualitative as a cashmere sweater. The classy gray makes the cashmere pillow look even more elegant. An absolute must for a touch of luxury in the living room!

Your monster is a high quality upcycled product.

Since the monsters are always made of different materials and these must be cleaned differently, we recommend a professional cleaning.

This way you will enjoy your little or big companion for a very long time.


Your monster pillow is made of 100% fabrics that were already there. This means that the pillow is an upcycled product and no new resources are used for the production, but the already existing fabrics are transformed into a new, higher quality upcycled product.

Fair and social

Monster pillows are produced in a small European factory. Just like LPJ Studios, the sewing shop is a family-run business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

Resource friendly production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products are designed with the idea of using the available resources in a responsible, ecological way. This way, no fabric is wasted.





or other material

do not wash

do not bleach

do not tumble dry

do not iron

professional cleaning