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Ein grob gestricktes Kissen.
Ein grob gestricktes Kissen.

LPJ Alps Pillow

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The ALPEN PILLOW is highly recommended for any layer. Hand-knitted from a particularly high-quality thick yarn from Italy, which combines wool, silk and cashmere. Processed with the highest quality standards and visually refined with colorful color edging. Of course, on request also completely natural without color. Contact us for your personal color request.

Your LPJ Alpen Pillow is made of very high quality yarns. To keep it as extraordinary as possible, it should not be cleaned at home, but given to a professional cleaner. Since the blanket contains a cashmere component, pilling may occur after cleaning. These are small nodules on the surface. These can be easily removed with a pilling comb or pilling razor. We are also happy to unpill your blanket, even years after your purchase!

Due to the self-cleaning properties of natural wool fibers, it is often sufficient to hang the blanket outside for airing instead of taking it to the dry cleaner.

Price for the matching inlet with kapok filling from Grüne Erde 59 Euro.

Resource-saving production

The environment is important to us. That's why all our products are designed with the idea of using available resources in a responsible, ecological way. This way, no material is wasted.

Fair and social

Alpen Pillows are produced in a small European factory. Just like LPJ STUDIOS, the sewing factory is a family business and the employees receive a fair wage for their good work.

Pollutant reduced production

Our products with this label have been produced in a particularly environmentally friendly way. This means that as few harmful substances as possible are released during production. The wool for our knitted cushions has not been dyed, but left natural.


We stand for reuse. Throwing away is out of the question. That's why products purchased from us can be returned for repair. A seam has burst? A flap no longer fits the way it should? Pilling nodules have appeared? We will take care of it, just call us and make an appointment.

6% cashmere / upcycled goods from Italy

12% silk / upcycled filament yarn from Italy

82% wool

no hand wash

do not bleach

do not tumble dry

gentle steam ironing

very gentle dry cleaning