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Plan International

Girls are the future. At LPJ STUDIOS we have a concentrated load of female power. Here, women from all walks of life come together, work together and create new ideas. Every day we can see what is possible when women have the same opportunities as men.

It is important to us that girls in crisis areas have the same opportunities to realise their potential as we girls from LPJ STUDIOS. That's why we support one of the five major children's aid organisations with the proceeds from our sales. Plan International works to ensure that girls in developing countries receive the same education as boys. We have taken on a sponsorship for a girl and thus support not only her, but also her family and her environment. More education means better prospects for the future and this also has a positive effect on the respective country.

We wish for every girl to be able to pursue a profession of her choice and to develop and use her skills!

If you are also interested in becoming a sponsor, then take a look at Plan International...

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