Home accessory or art object. It works both in one. Unique is the keyword for these wall hangings that can be used on the wall or as a rug. Our tapestries are creative works of art that are made to fit every room and give fabric scraps a new task.

For example, we can individually integrate your favorite sweater as a work of art into the wall hanging and conjure up an extraordinary living accessory.

These 10 artistic creations were created through a collaboration with the architect Kanhai Ghandi, who we met at a trade fair in Paris in 2018. Kanhai is an architect for KNS Architects and works successfully on international construction projects. In addition to his work, he pursues photography and digital collages.

The tapestries are a translation of his digital designs. New design always begins as a hand-made or digital sketch. Each of these textile art objects has its individual history, which can be found with the respective wall hanging.

As the last step, shapes, patterns and colors were carefully arranged and packed with high-quality wool.

Punching is a special technique in which woolen materials such as wool scraps or wool sweaters are worked into one another with the help of small needles. Our tapestries are all made in Italy, where they are made on a special punch machine.


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