Upcycled | LPJ Studios


"Upcycling" describes a process in which waste products and seemingly useless residual materials are processed into a new product. In contrast to conventional recycling, however, the materials used are upgraded. At LPJ we buy fabrics from various luxury textile manufacturers to develop new products with our own signature. No matter if fabric samples, off-cuts or other leftovers from textile productions, we find a worthy reuse for everything. Thus, the finest yarn scraps from silk, linen or cashmere meet noble fabric samples, knitting loops and coupons made from the highest quality materials and textures to tell new stories together. With supporting roles, red threads, casual stitches and entangled situations. Because LPJ Studios stands for the future and for the cycle of things; because sustainability is not a trend, but a philosophy that you carry and live within yourself. That's why we have been collecting precious textile scraps for many years to give them a new life and look in avant-garde designs, creating truly unique designs that meet the highest standards of aesthetics, quality and manufacturing.