LPJ Facemasks - Set of 4
LPJ Facemasks - Set of 4
LPJ Facemasks - Set of 4
LPJ Facemasks - Set of 4
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LPJ Facemasks - Set of 4

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Play it safe! With the LPJ Facemasks you are protected and stylish on the go. They are made from our residual materials, are softly padded and hot washable - so they can be reused. The masks are limited and we will put the set together individually for you.

TIP: To disinfect the masks, iron / steam hot for a few minutes.


Delivery time: approx 1 week

Stay safe with our LPJ Facemasks. They are not only stylish but also protective because of their padded structure. The LPJ Facemasks are made out of upcycled fabrics and therefore limited. We put the set together for you individually.

To disinfect the masks, iron / steam them for a few minutes.

Washing instructions for your LPJ Facemask

Your LPJ Facemask was made from cotton waste. This could be shirt quality, for example.
Since cotton is breathable, moisture-regulating and very pleasant for the skin, it is perfect as a face mask.
In addition, cotton is extremely easy to care for and durable, which is why your mask can be reused and does not become a waste product.
After wearing, simply iron the mask in the washing machine at 60 degrees or with steam for disinfection.


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