Our monster studio visit to LPJ STUDIOS at Chiemsee
From Martina Göbl on October 6, 2020
You could almost believe that we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice day in the mountains and honestly the seduction was great to just go hiking or spend a bathing day at Lake Chiemsee, but our visit to LPJ STUDIOS was so inspiring that we were able to go home fulfilled. WE have LPJ STUDIOS in our Blog Interviews already presented, but we also learned a lot of new things during our visit. Company founder Hedwig Bouley, an experienced fashion designer, founded the brand out of real passion. Even today she still works for various fashion labels and also supervises fashion design projects of students in Paris. You just notice that Hedi has the creativity in her.
The studio in Aschau am Chiemsee is beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the Kampenwand. The house is also used as a residential building by Hedi and her family, but the ground floor belongs to the design. Right in the entrance, the philosophy hangs above the door: "Don't be a recycler, become an upcycler". This is the claim of LPJ STUDIOS. All designs are developed with upcycling in mind. Of course, the production on site and the sustainability of the product itself is just as important.
But not only Hedi fills the rooms with creativity, but also Nora. She has remained "glued" in Aschau for 7 years and is bursting with ideas. They both develop the concepts and lead the team. The development of new products in this way means clarifying many impassables and also developing new approaches. And that's exactly why we came. Together with LPJ STUDIOS Create our own upcycled hot water bottle. We have already sent some samples back and forth and exchanged material samples. Likewise, the details should be carefully thought out and convey to the customer that he is receiving a very personal product.