The environment is important to us! For LPJ STUDIOS, the topic of sustainability and resource conservation is omnipresent. The whole concept of our company is based on it. Long before sustainability gained more attention in companies and households, the idea of our first sustainable plaid was born. And since then, no product has been designed without first developing a sustainability concept.    

Saving resources starts on a small scale. But if you really want to achieve something, you have to think bigger, look beyond the boundaries of your own environment and company. We have decided to support Greenpeace. We get all the electricity we use at LPJ STUDIO from renewable sources. This way we don't consume any resources during our work and we can realize new ideas without a bad conscience. Furthermore, with your help we invest in the future and donate regularly so that trees can be planted and our ecosystem can be protected.  

So that we and the generations after us can enjoy wool blankets and monster pillows for a long time to come, it is important to act now and do something for the environment.

Take a look at Greenpeace and find out how you can contribute to a better future!

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