About us

The origin of the label is the designer Hedwig Bouley, who created the project LPJ STUDIOS in 2015. The abbreviation stands for the names of her three children Lisa, Paul and Joseph, who inspired her project. For more than 30 years, the renowned designer has worked for well-known names in the fashion industry. With her own label, she is taking a pioneering step further into a new, more sustainable direction for the textile industry, proving that it is feasible to be ecologically responsible and value our resources, even at a high design level.

It's time to think outside the box. Season after season, vast amounts of like-new, fine fabrics and luxurious yarns are discarded as "waste". Valuable raw materials and pure inspiration for new collections. Because upcycling means not only closing the loop by reusing, but also creating value and recreating distinctive pieces and characters. Thus, with great sensitivity, selected fabrics and yarns are woven with old craftsmanship to create large-format carpets that reinterpret the tried-and-true "Flickerlteppich". Unusual plaids made of recycled cashmere, felted crossovers and hand-knitting yarns create lasting tangles, combined with handmade pillow creations, monster-like seating or a tapestry that establishes your favorite sweater as an unforgettable work of art. There is no end to the ideas in the product portfolio. Like the ring that adorns each LPJ unique piece, as a symbol of endless reuse.

LPJ STUDIOS stands for the future and for the cycle of things. Because sustainability is not a trend, but a philosophy that you carry and live in yourself.